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As well as that, outinantwerp provides a mini-guide which takes a look at some of the best things to do during your visit to Antwerp – other than playing casino games, that is. Finally, you can read up on some of Belgium’s other famous casinos outside of the city of Antwerp.

Casinos in Antwerp – what to expect when visiting the city?

Gambling is both popular and well-regulated throughout Belgium, and as a result, you can find some excellent casinos in most of the major cities. And being the most populous city in the entire country, Antwerp is no exception.

In fact, approximately one-third of Belgium’s 10 land-based casinos are found in and around Antwerp – dotted around the city center as well as the greater metropolitan area. For example, two of the biggest – Speelzaal Reno and Blizt Casino – can be found walking distance from one another right in the city center close to the River Scheldt.

Gambling in Antwerp and Belgium has a long history dating back many centuries. In fact, there is even evidence that certain card games and basic ‘lotteries’ were in existence as far back as the 13th century, while the country’s national lottery was introduced in the 15th century. Of course, gambling and casinos in Antwerp today are under strict regulations following the introduction of the 2009 Gambling Act. This ensures that both land-based and online casinos pay the correct amount of tax, are appropriately funded and follow the individual game rules correctly.  For more information about this as well as a list of licensed online operators in Belgium can be found at Casinosenligne.be.

Why visit a casino whilst in Antwerp?

Although the city of Antwerp may not be famous for its huge supply of casinos, there are plenty of opportunities to play real money games like poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette. The real draw for casino enthusiasts visiting Antwerp is the city itself – after all, you’re not going to spend all of your time here in the casinos…

In your downtime, Antwerp has a fantastic range of historical and cultural attractions to see. Antwerp City Hall, Central Station, the Cathedral of Our Lady, St James Church and The Royal Museum of Fine Arts are all worth checking out for a dose of culture, while the downtown area and along the river bank both prove particularly popular for their vibrant, cosmopolitan bar and restaurants scenes.

In details: The best casinos in Antwerp, as recommended by outinantwerp.be

– Blitz Casino

Blitz Casino is located near the prominent Antwerp Central Station and so is easily accessible for both locals in the city and visiting tourists staying at one of the main hotels nearby.

The casino is equipped with some of the newest slot machines in Belgium as well as fun dice games like Dice Spinner, Multi Dice81 and Treasure Cubes. Blitz also has classic casino games like poker, classic roulette (European style with single zero) and more. Visitors should also note that this casino is open 24 hours a day, seven-days-per-week every single day of the year! There are also some handy on-site facilities for when you get hungry or thirsty.

– Speelzaal Reno Casino

Speelzaal Reno has been going strong as a center of gambling in Antwerp since 1981. Open 365 days a year, the casino boasts all the latest slot machine games and classic card games.

The focus at Speelzaal Reno is on video-versions of all the most popular casino games (‘Speelzaal’ means ‘playroom’ in Dutch). As a result, players can enjoy digitalized versions of roulette, dice, poker and fun arcade games like Deal or No Deal. Speelzaal Reno Casino is located in the center of Antwerp right next to Antwerp Zoo.

– Lucky Games

A final casino in Antwerp worth checking out is Lucky Games, a modest ‘Games Hall’ in the city center. Although this company specialize in online games and casino apps, they also have this cool land-based location where you can play a number of real money games. Most of the games here are video slots, but you can also find digital versions of poker, roulette and blackjack within the room. The place goes by the full name of Lucky Sound Games Room and is located inside the city’s main railway station.

Other things to do in Antwerp – OutInAntwerp Top Picks

Have some spare time on your hands while in Antwerp? Then we here at Out in Antwerp recommend these three must-visit attractions:

Cathedral of Our Lady: An absolute must while in Antwerp is to check out the city’s iconic gothic cathedral, which also goes by the name of ‘Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal’. Thanks to its 123-meter high spire, finding this impressive structure is much easier than trying to pronounce it in Dutch.

Grote Market: This idyllic city center square boasts some great shopping as well as lots of cool photo-ops. Check out the central fountain or head up to the Guildhall at the top end for a closer inspection of the unique Italian-Flemish architecture.

MAS: this 10-storey modern structure stands out on Antwerp’s river banks for its daring architecture and bold red color. Inside, you’ll find an interesting range of exhibitions and galleries, while a trip up to the rooftop is well worth the effort as the views across the city from up here are spectacular.

Other casinos outside of Antwerp – Out in Antwerp Overview

Of course, Belgium boasts a range of other casinos as well as those based in Antwerp. The entire country has 10 main land-based casinos (plus a range of gaming rooms), with one of the largest of them being Knokke Casino. Located in the namesake town, this venue is housed in an impressive early 20th century building looking over the sea. As well as a range of roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat games run by professional in-house dealers, Knokke features a restaurant, ballroom and function room.

Another noteworthy casino in Belgium is found in the capital, Brussels. Going by the name of Grand Casino Brussels Viage, this large complex is also part of the international group Casinos Austria International (CAI). In terms of games, you can find a total of 375 slot machines, 39 gaming tables and a WPT Poker Room that can accommodate up to 100 players at a time. This casino also has a growing reputation as a great place to just hang out and be seen during an evening – even if you are not coming to gamble, thanks to the range of wining and dining facilities inside.

Finally, a shout out goes to the huge Casino-Kursaal Oostende, another historic casino dating back to the 19th century. Although rebuilt and redesigned several times over the years (there was extensive damage inflicted to the building’s façade during the war), Casino-Kursaal Oostende still welcomes thousands of players each day with its range of classic casino card games and modern-day slot machines. It also enjoys a particularly good location, built right on the seafront in the Belgian town of Ostend and overlooking the North Sea.